Welcome to the website of Curacao Rigging.

In the Caribbean, Curacao, one of the leeward islands, offers you a good shelter in the hurricane season. In the same time it enables you to have your boat serviced by skilled proffessionals. Curacao Rigging is

conveniently located near the Spanish water and can offer you several services.


We are specialized in supply and replacement, service and repair of yacht rigging.


Visual inspection of your standing and running rigging, lifelines, mast and furlingsystem + advise if any work is required to put your rigging in first class condition

Supply & replace your rigging/lifelines, or service & repair (where possible)

Wire swaging service up to 10 mm

Nicropress service

Tailor-made solutions for yacht-rigging and all other rigging work


Our aim is to offer a personal service, sound advice and workmanship with quality products.

Contact us for rigging inspection, consultation, installation or further info:

Phone: +599 9 5120016

Take care there are no turns, kinks or sharp bends in your rigging as this will reduce its lifespan and safety. Check every month for chafe in the places where the lines are the most vulnerable